Perfect Sous Vide Eggs

Perfect Sous Vide Eggs

Perfect Sous Vide Eggs Recipes

Quick sous vide eggs that turn out to be perfect: set whites, rich and creamy yolks cooked in 13 minutes.

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Recipe Yields : 6 eggs
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  • eggs
  • sous vide precision cooker
  • container for water bath


  1. Affix your sous vide precision cooker to a warm water bath and set the temperature to 165º F (74º C). Let water bath preheat.
  2. Carefully lower eggs into water bath, being careful not to crack. Set a timer for 14 minutes. Prepare an ice bath: fill a container large enough to cold all eggs halfway with ice then cover ice halfway with water.
  3. After 14 minutes, immediately remove eggs from water bath and transfer to prepared ice bath. Cool 3-5 minutes then drain, crack eggs, and slide cooked sous vide egg into a bowl or onto a plate, piece of toast, etc. Season with salt and pepper.

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